Mazatlan hoteliers close June with 72% occupancy


Julio Birrueta stated that, with regard to the Covid19 pandemic, it is being monitored so that all protocols continue to be strictly applied and the only solution is that all businesses apply them, that no one relax

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, Julio Birrueta, announced that this June they are closing it with practically 72 percent in hotel occupancy, a significantly very good closing.

“June we are finishing it with 72 percent, the month of June. There are a lot of people and I think that in June you will see more people than in July. July we already bring it in books like 6-5 (65 percent), but they are already very compacted on weekends; So, that’s why we feel difficult to reach that 72 percent in June”, he commented.

However, he said, 75 percent of occupancy is forecast for the 6 weeks of vacations, but what you are already seeing is that they are already at 65 percent and with saturated weekends, it is difficult to see can get to what was planned by filling up on weekdays.

“But, in the end, it is good anyway taking into account the Covid19 pandemic; it is very good because people (tourism service providers) are going to have income, on the other hand you have to take all the precautions), he recommended.

With regard to the upturn in infections by Covid19 in Mazatlán and a possible partial closure of the economy as happened last year due to this health problem, the hotel leader trusted that they are betting so that all citizens cooperate in putting into practice the guidelines of prevention and stop this rise.

“We are betting so that everyone gets the batteries. We are reinforcing the hotels so that all protocols continue to be strictly applied and the only solution is that all businesses apply it, that no one relax, we are in the same boat and if one of the machines breaks down, it breaks down the whole ship”, he concluded.

Regarding the reservations for the fall-winter season, Julio Birrueta, did not assure anything because Canada is still closed and there is still a lot of uncertainty with the United States about the rules that it will impose.

“We do not know yet or how they are going to, in some way, now put the ugly ducklings and the pretty ducklings in question of blocking certain countries,” he concluded.


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