Due to irregularities in reports, Sinaloa government aircraft will be audited


Deputies of the Oversight Commission warn omissions in cost, logs, and use of the units presented in the report of the Secretariat of Transparency and by the Secretariat of Administration and Finance

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The report of the secretariats; of Transparency and Administration and Finance is not clear and has omissions on the use of government aircraft, therefore the Congressional Oversight Commission agreed that the ASE carry out a specific audit and that the heads of these areas appear, reported Graciela Domínguez Nava .

The president of said commission announced that unanimously the legislators present at the meeting held this Wednesday endorsed the appearance of the Secretary of Transparency Guadalupe Yan Rubio and the head of Administration and Finance Luis Alberto de la Vega because they warn that the austerity law.

“If the need and importance of a specific audit are configured. The logs we have are from 2020 and 2021 and they lack that information, therefore, I would propose that we value the importance of requesting a specific audit, “he said.

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He explained that the information provided by the officials does not cover the requirements of the Aeronautical Directorate because it lacks the signatures of who authorizes the logs, the flight hours are omitted, they lack the departure time and return to the official hangar, it does not contain the number authorization of the flight trade or the maintenance of the units.

He indicated that it was requested through an exhortation of the Sinaloa Congress that the cost that the use of the aircraft represents for the state administration be specified, but that data was not included, only that of the seven units that are used, five are used because two are decomposed.

The Austerity Law establishes that airplanes or helicopters owned by the Sinaloa government must be used in situations of risk, in natural disasters, or in public safety strategies.

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