Mazatlan has over 100 real estate developments in process


The president of AMPI Mazatlan revealed that there are 12 tower projects currently for 2021-2022

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The real estate boom continues in Mazatlan, since there are currently 100 developments in process, both vertical and horizontal in the city, with an investment of approximately 2 billion pesos, revealed Roberto Arellano.

The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals of Mazatlan stressed that they work with the direction of municipal planning, the IMPLAN and the inter-chamber associations to keep order in place and help guide the cities current growth.

“We have to take care of the order, the water and drainage infrastructure. We have about 100 developments in process along Del Mar Avenue, Zona Dorada and Cerritos”, Said.

He commented that in this year there are developments most real estate that are very advanced, there is also the Aerospace Park and for the next comes a logistics center, comes vertical housing and 12 tower projects.

In addition, he added that as developers they are seeing the areas that are flooded, such as El Toreo, the Palos Prietos, the Center, which is impacted because the drainage is combined with rainwater.

He said that the intention is to develop technical projects so that resources can be sought to address sanitation, drainage, water problems and continue with development.

“We know that managing resources is complicated by how the country is doing, but we have to work in coordination with sectors and government to generate files that translate into the improvement of services,” 

Sinaloa will close this state administration with a private investment of 115 billion pesos and almost 22 billion pesos in public works, said Javier Lizárraga Mercado.

The Secretary of Economy in Sinaloa stressed that it has been an unprecedented private investment and that most of it has occurred in Mazatlan.

“In the last four years three months amount to 115 billion pesos in public investment and almost 22 billion pesos in private works, which means that for every peso that was invested in public works, about five were in private,” Said.

He explained that of each peso invested in the public works in Culiacan, 5.70 pesos have been invested in the private sector, and in the case of Mazatlan, 6.60 pesos, which speaks to the dynamism that the port has had in private investment, mainly in the real estate and hotel sector.

Lizárraga Mercado pointed out that the public works have been of the three levels of government, especially in infrastructure, health and services, which were so much needed in the state.

Attending the inauguration of the Infoagro Exhibition Mazatlan 2021, the state official mentioned that Sinaloa is an important reference at the national level in primary production, with 13% of the total production at the national level per year, which makes it the “barn” of Mexico, one of the main agricultural exporters and as the most important entity in fisheries production.

“Almost 60% of our meat products that are exported come from Sinaloan companies. Sinaloa continues to represent 2.2% of the national Gross Domestic Product, the bet comes in the industrial part”


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