Sinaloa exceeds 400 active cases of Covid-19


Ahome tops the list with 96 patients, followed by Mazatlán with 95 and Culiacán with 92

Mazatlán, Sin.- Since April 4, Sinaloa did not exceed 400 active cases of Covid-19, but this Sunday, 49 new cases were reported in the entity, 22 discharges were registered and there were 7 deaths from Covid-19, with which add up to 401 active patients.

Ahome confirmed 12 more cases, which placed it first on the list of municipalities with the most active cases, adding 96 patients; They are followed by Mazatlán, which registered 11 new and 95 active, and Culiacán with 6 positive and 92 active. In these three municipalities, almost 60% of the new cases were registered.

The rest of the new patients are from Rosario, with 4 cases, Escuinapa 4, Choix 3, Navolato 3, Salvador Alvarado 2, El Fuerte 2 and Elota 2.

The report of the Ministry of Health indicates that on this day 7 patients died with a diagnosis of Covid-19, of which 4 are from Mazatlán and 3 from Guasave.

Regarding the recovered patients, it is reported that there were 22 discharges on the day, of which 5 were from Culiacán, 5 from Mazatlán, 5 from Ahome, 3 from Choix 2, from El Fuerte, and 2 from Escuinapa.

Of the total number of active patients in the entity, 20.4% are hospitalized and 91.2% of the Covid-19 beds in the state are available.


The Mazatlan Post