Due to the death of a tourist, they suspend the entrance to the Mazatlán lighthouse


58-year-old tourist dies from heatstroke when descending El Faro

The event took place around 1:00 p.m.; Family members argue that care took almost an hour to arrive

Mazatlán, Sin.- Due to the intense heat in the port, today at noon the death of a 58-year-old tourist identified as Horacio “N” from Monclova, Coahuila, was reported when he was descending from El Faro. .

The incident was reported around 1:00 p.m., said Commander Fernando Leyva Solís of the Veterans Fire Department, who came to help.

“Unfortunately when the unit arrived, the first thing that the relatives and people who were there express is an anger, a very great frustration arguing that the report already had more than 50 minutes when we would have 15 minutes that the report was generated for our station, “he noted.

The report came to them through C4, but relatives mentioned that they had already called the Red Cross directly but the ambulance never arrived. The deceased began to feel bad when he was already lowering the lighthouse and fainted at the foot of the natural receipt, apparently he had a history of heart problems.

“By checking the patient and with what people told us, that he had already had almost an hour, there was no longer any chance of doing CPR, it was already quite a long time without breathing,” he added.

The commander indicated that the death of the adult was due in large part to the high temperatures in the port, which oscillate above 30 degrees Celsius, to this is added the age of the patient, lack of hydration and attention untimely.

Leyva Solís considers that since Mazatlán is the tourist port that it is and having one of the most famous lighthouses in the world, it should have more vigilance, not only from police elements, but also from paramedics 24 hours a day and above all that there is a defibrillator.

Due to the death of a tourist, they suspend the entrance to the Mazatlán lighthouse

The place has to be improved, so that it is safe for the people who come to climb it

The Municipal Civil Protection staff temporarily suspended the entrance to the Mazatlán lighthouse hill.

Eloy Ruiz Gastelum reported that this will remain so until the Lighthouse Committee and Administration carry out the work and comply with the safety regulations for people.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx, reaccioninformativa.com

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