New bike path in Mazatlán will be 2 kilometers long


Apparently it is a voluntary donation by residents of the La Marina subdivision

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- A new bike path is being built in Mazatlán, for users who like to walk, jog or run and for the safety of those who commute to work and who use bicycles as a means of transportation.

The new route is traced by La Marina avenue which begins at the roundabout of the place called the Hambuguería and will end shortly before reaching the train tracks, on the same street.

Personnel consulted in the work area, commented that it will be two thousand meters in length that the bike lane will measure in length and the work could be delivered next month because they are working on the last section.

It was also said that most likely this would not be painted green like the others, because the cost would increase.

It was also reported that apparently, the Government of any level has nothing to do with the laying of the work, since the work is a donation, apparently from the residents of the La Marina subdivision.


The Mazatlan Post