Mazatlan medical and nursing personnel is getting vaccinated


In Mazatlán, personnel from private clinics, laboratories and Hospitalito de la Juárez are vaccinated against Covid-19

People are attended in groups of 25 people, so the line moves quickly and the vaccination advances on a timely manner.

Hundreds of workers from the health sector, both public and private, went to the “Doctor Martiniano Carvajal” hospital on Friday, May 21, to receive the vaccine.

The vaccination campaign began on Thursday May 20 at this hospital.

The people who are being vaccinated are health workers, medical and nursing personnel from private clinics, private laboratories, and hospitals, and also from public hospitals belonging to the municipal, state, and federal health sectors.

From early in the morning, workers from the different hospitals in Mazatlan began to arrive, such as La Clínica de Fatima, del Conchi, Hospitalario Juarez, among others.

Source: Noroeste

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