Mothers Day in Mazatlan cemeteries empty but Panama restaurants full


* Few people came to bring flowers

* Full restaurants

Today, Mother’s Day, many businesses and even the Mazatlán City Council closed doors and there were no charges for services; little traffic in the streets, cemetery with little influx, although flower shops and restaurants like Panama were “full”, also the breakfast businesses in the hotels.

Other moms, like some beggars, didn’t even know that it was May 10, a special day for all the “little mothers”. In the center of the city and port of Mazatlán, many mothers were seen celebrating their day, accompanied by their families or their husbands; some carrying gifts and others with flowers in their hands.

un imperdible en Sinaloa es definitivamente restaurante Panamá

Undoubtedly, this day is one of the most special for families, because the memory of mothers is priceless, even if they are taking them to eat somewhere; showering them with gifts, with beautiful bouquets of flowers or, in other cases, with household utensils. Many with the fashionable cell phone or the fragrant perfume of Chanel or Carolina Herrera.

But there are also mothers who had nothing; of the humble and single mothers who did not have May 10, because they had to go to work or the same women who are in the main streets of the city with their hands out in search of some coins to survive. Today is a day of happiness for many, but of bitterness and tragedy for others.

This is life … but the “show must go on” and today, May 10, Sinaloa en Línea wishes you the best of congratulations and happiness for all those noble and great women who gave us life and that today, luckily, to many We flatter them and others, with a beautiful memory with flowers on their graves.


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