Hotels at 75% occupancy over the weekend in Mazatlán


The celebration of Mother’s Day reactivated the lodging centers, shops and restaurants, a spill of 140 million pesos is expected

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – For the celebration of Mother’s Day, the hotels, shops, and restaurants in Mazatlan recorded a high demand.

The hotel industry in the destination registered levels of 75% and while restaurants an occupancy of 65%, percentages authorized by the pandemic.

The president of the Concanaco Hotels and Motels Commission, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez stressed that Mazatlán had another weekend of bonanza and estimated that from Friday to Monday there will be an economic spill of 140 million pesos.

“This celebration of Mother’s Day is another good weekend because it benefits hoteliers, restaurateurs, merchants and service providers linked to tourism, ” he said.

Romero Rodríguez added that this weekend the largest influx of tourists was from the North Center of Sinaloa, Mexico City and Guadalajara, as well as the northern economic corridor.

“The vaccine has come to give confidence to adults since they are already able to see more seniors in the destination and it is expected that when Sinaloa enters the green light as of this Monday, more visitors may arrive he said.

Tourism arrived in Mazatlán this weekend

It is expected that every weekend of May will continue with the same trend, as the celebration of Teacher and Student Day and sporting events are coming.


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