Student’s Travel Budget Tips: Tour around Mexico


Students have the best conditions and possibilities to travel. They often select to study abroad to have more opportunities to see the world. Still, they often reject the travel offers and chances. The hotels and restaurants are too expensive, the schedule is overloaded, the cheap flights should have been booked earlier. These are all common but poor excuses. If you are inventive and flexible enough, you will find a way to see Mexico on a student’s budget with no hurdles. Learn some valuable tips and pack your suitcase for the breathtaking Mexican tour at a reasonable price.

Plan Ahead

The more you plan, the more you will be able to save later. You need to do a little research about your planned journey. Here are some points to consider during your investigation:

  • Look for low-cost tickets;
  • Plan your route to waste less;
  • Learn about historical and famous places worth visiting on your way;
  • Book accommodation, transportation, museum passes with discounts;
  • Search for festivals, concerts, events to visit for free.

If you spend enough time and effort learning about the cheap travel opportunities and beneficial ways to organize your travel, you will be able to travel with minimum waste and maximum benefits.

Kelly Sherry, a travel blogger, shares about her budget-travel experience: ‘I spotted a bargain offer of a tour around Mexico, learned a little about additional attractions on my way, managed to pay someone to do my homework online, and set on the very next week. This was one of my cheapest and fullest Mexican journeys. Catch hot offers, get prepared well, and travel with delight!’

Select the Right Transportation

Transportation drains money from your wallet even without you noticing it. A bus from the airport, moving around the town by underground or other public transport, commuting to nearby cities. This will all add up to make a pretty big sum. So, when it comes to transportation, it is essential to think about every move long before you go on the journey. It covers both international and local commuting. Learn these budget transport tips:

  • Airplane – book early to catch discounts and low-cost flights. Pick out flights to arrive closer to the city center – it will cost you less than paying for a flight to a distant airport and a bust to the city in total. Use student discounts and accumulation points programs to waste on flights less.
  • Train – train tickets are cheaper than airplanes, are more eco-friendly, and are more comfortable than the cheap aircraft’s cabin. You can work or study on the go, also. There are also monthly train passes allowing you to travel around Mexica on a budget.
  • Coach bus – coach buses usually cost much less than airplanes or trains. Some of the companies offer additional facilities, counting free Wi-Fi, movies, and snacks. So, if you don’t get sick on the road, coaches will take you from city to city at a low price.
  • Ridesharing – many websites allow you to find people who travel in the same direction and have spare seats for you. You will only have to share gas expenses, and you will get to your destination fast and cheaply. Though no one guarantees security, so it’s your responsibility and risk.
  • Rented car – if you wish to visit the nearby city with comfort and don’t mind driving, you can rent a car. This won’t cost you much and leave you free to select when and where to stop and what to visit.

If you succeed in reaching your destination without wasting much, you are already done with half of your budget travel expenses. The only pricey concern left is accommodation, and you will name yourself a budget traveler with confidence.

Save on Accommodation

There is no need to stress out about the expensive hotels and guest houses since you don’t travel for posh places to stay at. On the contrary, you only need a budget bed to sleep over and save more for sightseeing and visiting other spectacular sites. Look at the places to stop for the night:

  • Youth hostel – this is the cheapest and top popular variant among students. If you don’t mind sharing a room and a shower with a bunch of strangers, here you go. Besides, many hostels offer breakfast or snacks already included in the price. You can also ask for a free tour around the city at the reception and only give the tips to the tour guide at the end if you wish.
  • Rented room or apartment – if you travel in company, it is cheaper and even more comfortable to rent a room or apartment. This will also give you access to the shower and kitchen, allowing you to save on food.
  • Couch surfing – you can also get a completely free stay. Go to the Couchsurfing platform and discover the possibilities to get accommodation without any charge. Still, in most cases, you will be expected to help around the house or farm in return.

Anyway, you can be sure you will have a shelter even without much cash in the wallet if you search correctly.

Try out Street Food

Unless you have a gastro tour, there is no need to waste a fortune on eating. It doesn’t mean you have to starve but only to look for a cheap solution.

The best option is to try out local street food. You will explore the tastes and the culture and save a lot. Still, you have to be careful and stay alert about food safety. To avoid not qualitative food and digestion disorders, eat at the checked places only, go for reasonable prices, and opt for stalls with queues – people won’t queue after poor quality, freshness or taste.

Mind, if you have a kitchen at your disposal and enough time, cooking on your own will be the most budget-friendly option.

Explore the traveling possibilities, get well-prepared, and see Mexico on a student budget easily.

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