US visitors prefer sun and beach destinations 


Head of Sectur calls to create new tourism products in the country during the XLVI ordinary session of Asetur

ACAPULCO.- The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, met with the heads of Tourism of the 32 states of the country to urge them to create new tourism products and not continue with the inertia of the past, since tourism preferences have changed.  

María del Rosario Torres Noriega, head of the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat, said that this call from Torruco was made at the General Assembly of the Union of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico (ASETUR), which was held this Sunday, during the first day of activities of the Tianguis Turístico de México in Acapulco, Guerrero.  

During the opening of the assembly, the federal Secretary of Tourism called for coordinated cooperation between the states to promote tourism and turn it into an engine of well-being and development for the nation.  

In his message, the official stressed that the creation of new products is very important to arouse the interest of the traveler, promote growth in travel intentions and prevent 96% of tourism from continuing to be concentrated in only six states, as was the case in the past. . 

Photos: Courtesy / Sectur Sinaloa

Among the new tourist products of Mazatlán, the Secretary of Tourism highlighted the new Mazatlán Aquarium “Mar de Cortés”, a ferry from Mazatlán to the Environmental and Cultural Education Center “Muros de Agua – José Revueltas”, in the old center Islas Marías penitentiary, Nayarit; Liverpool alley and the monument to The Beatles. 

Torres Noriega commented during the meeting on the results of an Xpedia Group study on the interests of tourists, where they want to travel, the Top Ten of the most visited destinations, who are the ones that travel the most, where he confirmed that the destinations of «sun and beach” continue to be preferred by tourism in the United States. 

The Association of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico (ASETUR) is a civil association that aims to create better conditions for the development of tourism promotion in the different states of the Mexican Republic, represented in the organization.