Garbage continues to be the greatest damage that tourists generate to Mazatlan beaches


Jorge Contreras Núñez, reported that the health protocols were complied with when using the traffic lights of people

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- To deposit the garbage in its place, not leave it on the beach, not light fires, or leave cigarette butts, glass and above all respect the healthy distance, are some of the recommendations that the Operadora de Playas de Mazatlán to people who visit their areas during the next few weeks. 

The director of that paramunicipal, Jorge Contreras Núñez, said that until this Tuesday the beach accesses were still being cleaned due to the garbage that was generated, in addition, various reprimands were made to people for not taking care of the area, so he launched this call so that people become aware when they visit the port at Easter. 

“They left us 120 tons of garbage on the coastal strip and we are talking from Cerritos to Olas Altas in condominiums, hotels, palapas, restaurants, service providers, and garbage tourists in general. The influx had a very strong cargo density, the truth is Easter type, we expected nothing less and we were already prepared for this ”. 

He assured that they are ready for the upcoming holiday season, although he made an extensive invitation to the population to start the Easter Operation and accompany them to the cleaning day that they will carry out next Saturday from 7:00 in the morning. 

“And to invite all citizens, Mazatlecos, socially responsible companies that want to participate in this mega cleaning day can register with the Beach Operator and they will be assigned a group because due to the pandemic we are also dividing them into groups, we do not want to agglomerations ”. 

He recalled that the beach traffic lights are still being used, which can be verified by citizens through the Mzt Tourist mobile application. 

The Commander of the Aquatic Lifeguard Squad, Gonzalo Magallanes, also reported that from Friday to Monday, a visit of 14,800 people was registered only in the beach area, while on the boardwalk, he indicated that there were up to two or three times more assistants than in the arena. 


The Mazatlan Post