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Mazatlan will implement air patrol to keep beaches clean

There are certain beach certifications at your doorstep, so you want to be aware of the order and cleanliness of the beaches in Mazatlan

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Operator and Beach Manager confirmed to Reaction Informative a new project to keep the beaches clean, it is air surveillance to be updated on the condition and order of the beach areas, said the director General, Jorge Contreras Núñez.

“We are going to do drone survey work, it not only serves to elaborate content, it also serves to detect situations of certified beaches such as cleanliness, possible risks that can be presented in this next review, since the sea throws garbage, and can knock out a certification, ”he said.

He explained that they expect in the future, cover with surveillance the 81 kilometers of extension of the beaches of Mazatlan, meanwhile, be aware of the 16 kilometers of urban beach with which they have been working.

“It’s like an aerial surveillance that we are going to do permanently, and covering the 81 kilometers of beach, and we are going to enter the entire extension, we have only traveled 16, but we want to go to place a flag at kilometer 0 to 81 , and mark the extension of our beaches in Mazatlan, ”he said.

Contreras Núñez said that a drone will be used to monitor 514 meters first, which are beaches that are in the process of certification.

“Let’s avoid this patrol in the areas that are being audited, which are 514 meters, and there we need to put all our strength and keep the certification, and, what do we detect with the drone? We detect garbage inside the ocean, garbage insight in the sand, we detect vendors that pollute the area, we detect excess people who rent services such as chairs and tables, and even the use of gasoline drums, which is a prohibited product on the beach, ”said Contreras Núñez.

Source: reaccion informativa

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