Mazatlan beach merchants denounce children working and lack of control of vendors


Beach merchants demonstrate before Semarnat and Profepa

Beach vendors gathered at the entrance to the A. Bonfil Park access to carry out a march in the direction of the Semarnat and Profepa offices to demand control of merchants without permission in their work areas.

Jorge Ríos Rubio, general president of vendors attached to the CTM, reported that there is a lack of control of vendors, gangs, and even children asking for money in the federal zone without anyone putting a control.

“Right now that is not Easter we see saturation and disorder on the beaches of vendors without permission, the increase in children and a large number of gangs in the federal beach area,” he said.

There is no regularization of them, he denounced, it is not in order to take away their work, but it would be good if they set a time and place for them to work.

Ríos Rubio called on the Municipal DIF to go to the beaches to control the children who are selling chiclets and begging for alms before Easter begins.

Another claim that the leader pointed out is the cancellation of the permits for not being paid in the indicated time, for which he asks Semarnat to give them a little time due to the pandemic.


The Mazatlan Post