Foodies: Find Your Favorites in Playa Del Carmen


Why go to Jamaica or Cozumel with all the crowds when you can enjoy the Caribbean in Playa del Carmen in relative peace? Although the small tourist town is building up a clientele, it is certainly not as crowded as the others. Take advantage of the beautiful beaches, temperatures in the 80s, and fun parks while you can.

You have to try some authentic Mexican food while in Mexico. In Playa Del Carmen, they have a variety of flavors from Cajun to Creole. Some of the staples are rice, beans, veggies, and seafood. Don’t bring your bags when you go out to eat, though. Keep them safe at a luggage storage site in Playa del Carmen.

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Local Cuisine

  • Señor Frog’s 

Señor Frog’s has several locations to choose from and they all serve the best food at the lowest prices in the most amazing atmosphere. From burritos to tacos and everything in between, you can get it all here, served with a smile. They even have seafood, steaks, and burgers. Don’t miss the cheesecake for dessert!

  • The Mexican Experience

You can get a four-course meal at a fantastic price here. The menu is subject to change, but it typically starts with several street foods like chorizo and potato or a prawn kebab. The second course is a tostada with Mexican truffle. Third is lionfish ceviche and last is the gourmet tacos with chocolate for dessert.

  • The Traveler’s Table

The menu at the Traveler’s Table is exquisite with braised beef in Recardo Negro or slowly cooked pork with yucca and Edam cheese. You may also enjoy the octopus or pickled cactus tostada, or turkey wrapped in Hoja Santa. For dessert, they serve chocolate five ways, including brownies or tequila ganache.

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American Eateries

  • Baton Rouge Grill 

If you want a juicy steak, Baton Rouge Grill has a variety from rib eyes to t-bones. You can even get a rib eye taco. Try their BBQ ribs that fall off the bone or the chicken parmesan. Don’t miss the Panchos or taquitos with guacamole for a starter. If you’re really hungry, go between 7 PM and 9 PM for all you can eat ribs

  • Comet 984

For that diner from the 50s feel, Comet 984 is the place to go. They serve a variety of American favorites like burgers, fries, onion rings, and hot dogs. Or try Meg’s scrambled egg sandwich, served all day. They also have the best thick and creamy milkshakes. And the best part is it’s all vegan food but you can’t tell!

  • 3XL Burger

For a meatier burger made by hand, try the 3XL Burger. They also have wings, BBQ ribs, chicken, or smoked bratwurst. The sweet potato fries are delicious, and the burgers come in several flavors like tuna loin, quinoa, and portobello. You can add egg, guacamole, avocado, and other toppings to customize to your taste.

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Fine Dining

  • Harry’s Grill

Harry’s brings the choice cuts of meat out before they are cooked so you can choose the one you want. The Kobe Japan Beef comes in rib eyes and NY strip and the Australian Black Onyx comes in tomahawk, porterhouse, filet mignon, rib eye, and NY strip. Or choose the rack of lamb, octopus tiradito, or king crab.

  • Oh Lala 

For an elegant meal indoors or out on the terrace, try Oh Lala. The owners make you feel like friends and you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as well as delicious food. Try the lobster, lamb chops, steak, or Thai curry. The chocolate lava cake, cheesecake,  and ice cream for dessert are decadent! 

  • Porfirio’s Restaurant

At Porfirio’s, start with real Mexican corn salad or guacamole, move on to drowned cakes or crispy squid, and then try a juicy rib eye with Marimba, Chemita beef fillet, or skirt steak. They also have grilled octopus, shrimp, and tuna steak. For dessert, try the baked banana, molecular ice cream, or three milk cake.

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Cheap Eats

  • Ferron’s Jerk Chicken

You don’t have to pay a lot to get good food in Playa del Carmen. The main dish at Ferron’s is, of course, the jerk chicken. It’s marinated with a Jamaican spicy sauce and cooked to perfection. But you can also get regular fried chicken or jerk pork ribs if that’s your preference. Add some corn, potatoes, plantain, or rice for a full meal.

  • La Brocherie

Looking for some spectacular European food at a low price? Try La Brocherie for roasted chicken soaked with flavor. The chicken cordon bleu is also a delight with goat cheese and mushrooms. You can also enjoy deli food, tacos, and seafood dishes. But the desserts are the highlight! Choose from crème brulée, tortes, and chocolate mousse.

  • El Chuleton 

For an even more authentic Mexican meal on the cheap, try El Chuleton. You can enjoy tacos 12 ways, several kinds of tostadas and burritos, 11 kinds of alambres, or five kinds of molcajetes. Or try the steak or ribs, steak with chorizo, or gringas nine ways. And their tortillas are handmade daily.

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Dessert Diners

  • Amorino

If you have never had an ice cream flower, you need to stop at Amorino because they look as good as they taste. They have over 20 flavors like amarena cream with black cherry, Stracciatella, praline, or lime basil. Their waffles and crepes are top-notch as well and the gelato macaroons come in eight amazing flavors. 

  • Tiramisù Pasteleria Italiana 

Tiramisu is a specialty item in the Caribbean but Tiramisù Pasteleria Italiana knows how to make it perfect! They have strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and a few other flavors to choose from. They also serve café food like pizza and sandwiches. And the coffee is the best in town according to the locals. 

  • Shoe Box Bakery 

For baked goods, Shoe Box Bakery is a local fave. Whether you want a jar of macaroons, dulce de leche Rogel, brownie cheesecake, or Argentinian alfajores, they have the best. They also make custom cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. And the shop is cozy and quaint.  

Whether you want to eat local cuisine or stick with the basics, Playa del Carmen has a variety of eateries to choose from. If you want a fancy meal or just some fast food on the go, you will not have to look far. And take a lot of pictures to share with friends on social media. 


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