Tourist return to Mazatlans “Isla de la Piedra”


Despite the restrictions due to covid-19, the island’s restaurants maintain an occupancy of 60 percent

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Victor Manuel Aguirre Peña, Commissioner of Isla de la Piedra, revealed that commercial activity on the island has been favorable, lifting the economic spill, even in the low season months.

Although the tourist influx is not like in previous years, Aguirre Peña mentioned that it has been enough for the inhabitants to avoid closing their businesses, in addition to the fact that this rainy and hurricane season did not harm the little tourist activity during the ‘new normal’.

“It has come out for the people, to have their restaurants open and on weekends there is movement, even during the week there is tourism, so I would dare to say that September and October, which is the low season, there was a sufficient flow tourist, not high but it was not very low, it was constant and the fact there were no hurricanes here on this site, because in other years a hurricane comes every fifteen days and there is the wind and rain and there was none this season, described the commissioner.

The restaurants have maintained occupancy of 60 percent of diners, despite the fact that access to the island was controlled, both by catamarans that carry a daily capacity limit of 40 people and by road networks.

“The Isla de la Piedra has been at 60 percent … We had a controlled summer because the largest number of tourists that enter the Isla de la Piedra is by catamarans and the catamarans were regulated at 40 percent and they did not go full as is customary in other seasons and that made the island calm, but almost daily, I think that due to the turn they took to go to the island it has been frequented every day, “he declared.

He also mentioned that currently most of the tourism that comes is national, and it is expected that entering December foreign tourism will arrive.


The Mazatlan Post