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These are the topmost Mexican Restaurants in Dubai

People from all over the world including Mexico plan their vacations and trips to Dubai. During their stay, sometimes they get cravings for their favorite delicious Mexican cuisine. If you are also a Mexican foody and planning a Dubai trip, there is no need to get worried. We suggest you Rent A Car Dubai to roam around and satiate your thirst for relishing savory along with a blend of Mexican chilies by visiting the famous Mexican restaurant in Dubai.

Not only travelers from Europe and Spain love to dig into Mexican cuisine but also tourists of other areas want to experience the savoring tacos, nachos, taquitos, and many other dishes. If you are looking for the best place to roll up your sleeves to fall in the most delicious guacamole bowl along with crispy nachos, you are at the right place both in terms of taste and quality of Mexican food.

Here are the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai that you should try during your tour.

Maria Bonita

Maria Bonita is a Mexican restaurant with two branches in Dubai. No matter whether you go to the Sustainable city branch or the Jumeirah branch because both branches are popular equally for the traditional Mexican ambiance for services and quality of food.

You should visit this restaurant with your family and enjoy a hearty fresh meal of your favorite Mexican cuisine during your stay in Dubai. If you visit this restaurant, never forget to try sizzling fajitas and traditional tacos.

Chalco’s Mexican Grill

This amazing Mexican restaurant is worth mentioning in the top-rated Mexican restaurants of Dubai. This restaurant is quite popular because of mixing Mexican cuisines with a Californian touch. It is a casual restaurant that offers fresh food in Motor city and Business bay made on the site.

You can opt for any Mexican dish or cuisine like Burritos, Nachos, etc. Also, they serve food very fast and it is completely customizable. You can also try Mexican cola here as this restaurant serves it really chilled. Moreover, if you are at Chalco’s Mexican Grill, don’t forget to order the Burrito bowl along with your favorite fillings.

Cactus Jacks

Cactus Jacks is a famous restaurant which has been satiating the hunger for Mexican food since 2002. If you want to enjoy late-night fiestas, sizzling fajitas, and alfresco vibes, you can do all at Cactus Jacks at any time of the day you want at a budget-friendly rate.

The most delicious dishes of this maximum restaurant are chicken enchiladas with stuffed spices and slathered cheese, enchilada de Pollo along with sour cream. Moreover, you should try themed deals along with signature Mexican drinks.

Taqado Mexican Kitchen

If you have ever visited Dubai, you have surely come across to the best Taqado Mexican Kitchen. Almost 16 branches of this restaurant are operating in different areas of the city. You can visit this restaurant for dinner as well as breakfast because of their popular all day and night menu.

In fact, we recommend you to get a Car Rental Near Me during your long term stay in Dubai to experience all kinds of dishes from every restaurant. No matter to which branch of Taqado Mexican Kitchen you are going, you should taste chorizos, burritos, and quesadillas during your culinary Mexican tour in Dubai.

Puerto 99

The passion and sense of authenticity that has poured into Puerto 99 comes through its mesmerizing environment. The service and quality of food will leave you in awe. From the commercialized Mexican dishes to live mariachi bands, this place will provide you the feel of Mexico City in Dubai.

The top dishes of this restaurant include guacamole, oyster gratin, coconut drip, lobster tamales, and much more. If you want to try a taco, you can enjoy a variety of grilled steak to shrimps. You can order anything of your choice.


Loca is a live lovely food spot in Dubai among tourists as well as Dubai residents. No doubt fajitas and enchiladas are also popular among Mexican foodies, but the real standard serving is of fresh guacamole which is highly appetizing. During your visit to Loca, you must try mouth-watering tostada salad along with jumbo prawns.

You should try any one of the best daily deals, Mexican mixed drinks, signature Loca, and other dishes of this restaurant while enjoying the beautiful interior and view of the restaurant with your family and friends.


Chili’s is also a popular chain of Mexican restaurants spread across different areas of the city. You know what the first-ever branch of Chili’s was opened in 1997 at Al Garhoud back. So, this restaurant has been serving tasty Mexican dishes to Dubai residents as well as tourists for more than 2 decades.

If you want to eat from a Mexican table during your commercial tour to Dubai, you should go for a car lease in Dubai which will assist you in commuting everywhere in the city without any inconvenience. So that you can enjoy reinvented fajita at this restaurant with chipotle garlic butter and caramelized onions with your family.


Tortuga is another vibrant Mexican restaurant in Dubai. You will love the authentic fresh cuisine served here with the guacamole serving. If you want to taste delicious but traditional Mexican dishes, you should visit this restaurant to enjoy true Mexican traditional dinner.

The most appealing and mouth-watering dishes of Tortuga are burritos consisting of shrimp, sizzling fajitas, and grilled steak. So, never miss a chance to try such a sizzling serving during your visit to this restaurant.

La Tablita Restaurant

According to the rating and reviews, this restaurant serves the best Mexican food. Not only food, but this place is also popular for its entertainment and music. You can enjoy traditional tacos here every Tuesday. If you are a Mexican and you are in Dubai for a tour, visit this place to get a taste of home food.

The other best thing about this restaurant is that they offer theme nights to determine the menu of the day. For example, you can’t just ignore the Vegan Wednesdays and Friday Drunch is all about special tacos and margaritas. The group of 2 to 3 people can enjoy the delicious Mexican meal at just 400 AED.

Poco Loco

If you want to visit someplace with a comforting and friendly vibe, then you should reserve your place in this restaurant. It is the perfect spot whether you are with your friends and family. This restaurant is also quite popular for its delicious and mouth-watering tacos. You are going to love the 6 different variants of soft-shell tacos. The best thing is that you can enjoy seafood, vegetarian, or other meat options according to your taste.

Apart from tacos, you can also try crunchy shrimp tempura, with jalapeno salsa. Most of the people who visit this restaurant are because of this tasty Mexican dish. You can book your place in advance using their website in just a few clicks. 

Final thoughts

We have mentioned the top 10 Mexican restaurants you can visit if you are craving Mexican food in Dubai. Just rent a car from any professional rental car company and explore all the tourist destinations as well as the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai during your UAE trip.

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