Floodings in Tabasco have to do with the mismanagement of the dams: López Obrador


Villahermosa, Tabasco (October 9, 2020).- When supervising the works of Section one of the Mayan Train, in Palenque, Chiapas, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a message to his countrymen in Tabasco who are suffering from the floods since last Sunday and said that, to a large extent, the problem has to do with the management of dams.

The Mexican president assured that he has already met with Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández, as well as with the Secretary of Welfare, Javier May, to give attention to all those affected by the floods (we’re talking about some 30,000 homes).

López Obrador reported that the Secretariat of National Defense is already providing food to the people of Tabasco who were affected by the floods and a census will be carried out to provide them with household items.

“I want to tell my countrymen that they are going to receive all our support … they have already begun to be cared for, but we are going to help them well, we are going to see that they do not lack food in these difficult days. We have already given instructions in this regard so that food be delivered to the peole in need, ” AMLO said.Photo: Presidency of Mexico.Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

“I also gave the instruction that a census to be carried out, to deliver furniture, household items that were lost due to the flood and I have already spoken with the undersecretary of Urban Development, David Cervantes so that he also moves to Tabasco and start a home improvement and construction program, ” AMLO explained.

López Obrador assured that a good part of the flooding that today affects his homeland is due to the mismanagement of the dams since it was privileged that private companies sold electricity to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

“A large part of these floods have to do with the mismanagement of the dams … they are inertia that remained since the private companies that sell electricity to the Federal Electricity Commission were privileged. The turbine was stopped for a long time so as not to compete with private companies and this causes the reservoirs to always be full because the Grijalva hydroelectric plants and other hydroelectric plants are too full “, he assured.

A farmer checks his flooded corn crop in the city of Villahermosa, in the state of Tabasco (Mexico).  EFE / Jaime Avalos
A farmer checks his flooded corn crop in the city of Villahermosa, in the state of Tabasco (Mexico). EFE / Jaime Avalos

“So we are going to make a definitive decision … Never again will the population be put at risk … we are going to present a control program for the Grijalva River dams” AMLO continued.

Regarding the progress of the work of Section one of the Mayan Train, the president assured that the environment and archaeological zones located on the train’s line are being taken care of while highlighting the importance of the work, which he said, already generates numerous jobs.

However, he stressed that one of the main challenges is that the work must be completed within the established deadline, in 2023.

Photo: Excelsior

“One of the problems that we have to overcome is not buying us time … because we have to have this work completed no later than 2023, the entire Mayan Train, that’s why we can’t waste time … If necessary I will supervise the works every month and I also celebrate that the approach has been taken up, the opinion that there should be no difference between the company and the government when it comes to a work of this magnitude, that to get ahead we have to team up. This work is vital for many reasons, and especially to vindicate the southeast that had been abandoned for a long time,” López Obrador concluded.


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