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“And the New Platinum Beach Award goes to… Los Cabos!”


According to MexicoNewsDaily.com, the five best beaches are Las Viudas, Acapulquito, Santa María, El Chileno and Palmilla. The beaches were chosen based on their accessibility, scenic beauty, safety, dedication to the

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environment and more.

“The work has been done, and will be ready for when it is time to restart economic activity,” said Los Cabos Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán. “I promised to promote and support [Los Cabos], and today we have one more bonus to offer the destination; the best beaches in the country are in Los Cabos!”

The beaches in Los Cabos have been operating at 30 percent capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Platinum Beaches are also designated as Blue Flag beaches, which means they meet the Foundation for Environmental Education’s environmental and safety standards.

This helps preserve the beaches for years to come while offering educational activities for both adults and children to help learn about the ocean’s incredible ecosystem.

Source: Travel Pulse

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