New Creel International Airport would be ready to receive passengers at the end of March 2021


The Creel International Airport would be ready to receive passengers at the end of March 2021, since May they already have the resource to complete the work, reported the head of the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development of the state of Chihuahua, Alejandra de la Vega Arizpe.

During the video conference that was offered to present the new Chihuahua-Puerto Vallarta air route of the TAR airline, Alejandra de la Vega specified that they are basically working on the equipment for the control tower and some infrastructure works that were needed in the surroundings.

The investment for the new air terminal, he indicated, is according to Noticaribe more than 100 million pesos, in addition to being in talks with different airlines interested in reaching this destination, the gateway to Barrancas del Cobre “Copper Canyon

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In the same way, he said, “we are very advanced in all permits with the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics”, an administrative unit of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the federal government.


According to De la Vega Arizpe, this project, considered as a very important tourist infrastructure in the state of Chihuahua, is going to be a great trigger “for one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico, which brings economic development opportunities to the entire Tarahumara culture, a community that is still present throughout the Copper Canyon area and that has developed tourist products, where we can go to a family’s house, cook with them, talk and understand a little more about their culture ”.

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