Mazatlan begins to repair section on international highway due to a sinkhole


With heavy machinery they arrived at the place to start the work

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The pipe where a sinkhole was opened on the International Highway was full of sand, as announced by some workers who came to the site.

They mentioned that this is one of the causes of the sinkholes, because when trying to get the water out of the pipe and not finding where to escape, it returns, or if it finds any damage to the pipe through that place, it leaves causing erosion in the ground and then open a hole in the ground.

They highlighted that during the rainy season it is very common for the holes to appear.

11 07 20 Repair sinkhole

They indicated that the only problem that makes the work a little slower is that the damaged pipe is located in the area where the fiber optic goes, so you have to work very carefully not to knock down the internet network in the city.

That is why they indicated that they will work all weekend to be able to reestablish the vehicle passage as soon as possible.


The Mazatlan Post