Mazatlan promises new collectors and drains to eradicate floods on Camaron-Sabalo Avenue


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Camarón Sábalo avenue already has a solution to combat the floods that are generated in this road during the rainy season: eight collectors and pumping systems, which will be working in approximately a month.

The work was not contemplated in the initial project to beautify the area, however, more resources were managed to include it, the Secretary of Public Works of the State, Osbaldo López Angulo, revealed to Reacción Informativa.

“At the moment the quarries are starting. The work that was contracted and that is being carried out right now is without the funds, but nevertheless, thanks to the governor’s efforts, the budget has already been found and the funds that are going to do the most work have already begun. fast as possible. There are eight platforms that will be built along the entire avenue, “he explained.

For his part, the external supervisor of the work, Enrique González Güereña, reiterated that there will be eight platforms, which, he warned, will require special care and maintenance.

“Eight new collectors have already started (on Thursday), they are already very advanced, they will be finished in a month and the problem is completely over,” he said.


González Güereña rejected the proposal of the College of Architects, in which it is suggested to install gates.

“It is not necessary with that type of pumping. The gates is very difficult, it does not work, this is a pump where it crosses above and goes out to sea. It is more viable, more expensive but more viable and more reliable, “he clarified.

In this regard, the director of Municipal Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly, explained that the floods last Wednesday happened as a result of the system not being installed yet.

“Yes, I am aware that pumping stations will be installed in various parts of the Camarón Sábalo. As the architect already said, they are grids and there are going to be pumps that are going to be sucking so that what is happening right now does not happen. This could be seen coming, it’s not ready yet, that’s why what happened now with the rain happened. It is not yet in time for this to end, but when the work is complete, it will stop flooding the way it floods, “he said.


The Mazatlan Post