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Mazatlán’s new soccer stadium is almost ready for action!

Yes! There will be professional soccer in Mazatlán and it will be in the modern stadium that is being built in the Sinaloa port, almost nearing completion.

We present some information that you should know about the new property that will be part of the Liga MX, Mexican professional soccer league.

The stadium will be ready for the second half of June, for now only details such as the streets that will connect the stadium with the rest of the city or the parking lot are missing.

The stadium located in the port will have the capacity for approximately 25 thousand people, including lower, upper tribune and boxes.

The grass is ready to host soccer games and you can even see that the goals and benches are correctly installed on the playing field of the new Mazatlan soccer venue.

It will have a parking lot for more than two thousand cars, this is the last part under construction and it is expected to be finished in the last days of June, it will also have a connection to the main entrance of the stadium, located in one of the headwaters.

It has state-of-the-art lighting, ready to be certified by FIFA. A few days ago, the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz published a video in which he boasted the lighting in the stadium.

Like all first-level stadiums, private boxes have been placed, for different uses of the directive board partners, and for the press to meet the matches of the new table of Mexican soccer.

Ordaz Coppel described the work in Mazatlán as a world-class stadium and said that it will undoubtedly be a pride for all Sinaloans. “Those who have come to visit it, to see it, visit it speak of the fact that it is one of the six best stadiums that Mexico has. located, “he concluded.

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