638 people are removed from Mazatlan beaches in one week


Mazatlan Beach Operator clarifies that this number is lower than the previous week.

Mazatlán, Sin. – Despite being already in phase 3 of Covid-19 pandemic, there are still people who go to the beaches of Mazatlán, during the week of April 20 to 26, the authorities had to withdraw 638 people, from the area of Oceanica to Isla de la Piedra.

In a press release, the Mazatlan Beach Operator and Administrator reported that this figure represents 72 fewer people than the previous week, when 710 were removed from the port’s beaches.

Supervisory tours are permanent and are carried out in coordination with the Aquatic Rescue Squad, with the aim of guaranteeing that the closed beaches indication is respected during the health contingency.

Mazatlan Beach Operator maintains through social networks an awareness campaign to invite tourists and locals to obey the instructions of the authority regarding the prevention of transmission risks of Covid-19, especially maintaining social distancing. healthy distance and hygiene measures.

Source: OEM

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