MENUDO, one of the healthiest breakfasts in southern Sinaloa


Its production is based mainly on the cooked corn grain, duckling and beef belly, to be served with vegetables on a traditional Sunday

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Without a doubt, one of the typical breakfasts of Sinaloa and specifically of the south, is “MENUDO”.

15 03 MENUDO

This food is made from corn kernels cooked with belly and beef legs which most Sinaloan families consume on Sundays in the morning or at noon, depending on the customs of the diners.

María del Carmen Ibarra D. who works in “Don Cheché” menu, tells that it has been only 8 years that she has been feeding people who come every Sunday very early from four in the morning to breakfast, and these mostly , they leave the clubs and before going to sleep they go through Juan Pablo II street, just before going up the bridge in Colonia 20 de Noviembre, which is where it is located.

Doña Mela, as her clients call her, shares with Reacción Informativa, that among those who taste her dish are all kinds of professionals, goldsmiths, pulmoneros, but those who give the most to sales are her neighbors, who faithful to her season come every Sunday morning to sit at a plank table and a flowery tablecloth, to wait their turn to be dispatched.

He says that although he is busy serving his clients, suddenly among those who eat breakfast they hear such current topics as the Coronavirus and the International Motorcycle Week.

15 03 MENUDO

Finally, Mrs. Mela comments that the process to prepare this delicious dish, firstly prepares the nixtamal with lime, perfectly cleanses the excess fat excess, cooks with the nixtamal and all based on firewood and in an approximate 7 hours is perfectly cooked and ready to serve with onion, lemon, chopped chili and without missing your roll.

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