Despite coronavirus fears, rock concert attracts thousands in Mazatlan


Mazatlán, Sin.- A total of 9 musicians on stage set the scene for the International Motorcycle Week 2020 in the 25th edition with the Tribute to Carlos Santana by Santana Maz at the Plaza de la Moto in Mazatlán.

Photo: OEM)

Percussions such as drums, maracas, taroletas and congas were showcased during ‘Gingoloba’, a song that made the public began to cheer up, and dance in the Plaza de la Moto.

During the tribute to Carlos Santana, the Mazatlán public enjoyed the artists´performance.

‘Black Magic Woman’ was performed with great quality.

(Photo: OEM)

Later, the successes of the emblematic Argentine rock group, Soda Stereo made all the spectators sing, dance and jump.

During the event a minute of silence was held for the fallen, all those present raised their right fists to honor those who have departed, and a video with the song ‘Missing you’ was shown on the screens.

Cultura Profetica performing at the Mazatlan Motorcyce Week 2020 (Photo: OEM)

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