Mazatlan’s Canaco disapproves of relocated street vendors


They seek a rapprochement with the Senior Officer and the Mayor because they reject that they are now in front of other formal businesses

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This morning, the semi-fixed sellers that were commonly installed around the Pino Suarez Market, were relocated and from now on – and for the next few days – their work area will be on the same Aquilés street Serdan, but a few blocks away.

Given this fact, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mazatlan (Canaco Servytur), Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, reproached such fact, since he lamented that now these merchants are in front of other businesses already formally established, which pay taxes and that could have repercussions.

“Yes, we are against these sellers going to put themselves in front of some shops that really pay rent and are registered with the SAT, there we are against them having been removed from one side and are going to harm others (…) We do not see well that they go out and put themselves in front of some businesses that are really established and are paying taxes, ”he said.

The leader of the formal merchants stressed that it had been commented that one of the alternatives for relocation was the Mercado de Las Flores but that so far no details of this or the possible opening of this site have been revealed, which is why He said he will seek an approach with both the Senior Officer and the Mayor to seek proposals.

Sandoval Gaxiola stressed that although it seeks to have a clearer market, it does not seek to affect merchants and that is why it will be proposed to find a place where they can have their own place in which they also benefit.

Citizens views about the placement of street stalls in Aquiles Serdán

Some established traders believe that it would affect them while others are in favor

Opinions generated among the established businesses the placement of street vendors that woke up Friday on Aquiles Serdán street.

In a survey conducted by Informative Reaction by the main “affected” businesses, the majority felt that it is not the best decision, since the smell emitted by businesses that are mostly selling food, emit odors that are impregnated in the products What do you sell.

The staff of a well-known boutique said that they are affected by this measure taken by the municipal authorities taking into account that the client is very delicate and without a doubt, the smoke emitted by roasted meats will cause them discomfort.

“Look at the customer is very special, if you already have a thread that is loose in the garment and not take it, imagine that this smell of food, well less,” he said.

For his part, Raquel Ortega of a shoe store commented that the newly located business clients don’t see the business so customers do not come in.

A client of accessories and footwear, said she got to eat some tacos and took the opportunity to buy some jewelry at the store.

Irasema N. of a beauty products distributor, said the same in the sense that customers who come to breakfast or eat at any of the positions that are located outside their advantage will be used to visit your business.

He applauded the decision of the corresponding authorities in deciding to let them establish on their sidewalk, admitting that this will generate some sales.

Source: reaccion informativa

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