Will Mazatlan sidewalks ever be free of street vendors?


This year they will release newly paved sidewalks from the Mazatlan Downtown area.

Street vendors who obstruct the crosswalk will be relocated, says Deputy Director of Commerce.

Calle Aquiles Serdán will be part of the “Banquetas Libres” program. Jesús Guzmán | Photo: El Sol de Mazatlán.

“As part of the “Banquetas Libres” program, the municipal government will continue this year with the release of pedestrian spaces in the first square of the city, just as it was done in Zona Dorada, Paseo Olas Altas, Avenida Del Mar and began with Melchor Ocampo Street , in downtown Mazatlan”, reported the Deputy Director of Commerce, Vinicio Parra Alaniz.

He said that the streets to be regularized in 2020 will be Aquiles Serdán, Benito Juárez and the streets around the “José María Pino Suárez” market, as well as the first, second and third square of the city.

Only on Melchor Ocampo Street, where the first inspection visit was already made, he said, 8 sellers with municipal permission were regularized in their spaces.

Vinicio Parra said that in the city center there is a registration of 200 vendors, who will have to update their permits, which are mostly 3 meters long by 1 meter wide.

In the case of the Pino Suárez market, he said that if it is necessary to relocate those vendors that obstruct the pedestrian crossing, it will be done according to the objective of the municipal DIF program “Banquetas Libres”, which seeks to provide public space to the general public , including people with disabilities or senior citizens.

What Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres is looking for is that the program brought by the municipal DIF on “Banquetas Libres” is for the benefit of all citizens; Work is being done to relocate vendors and free the sidewalks and the pedestrian crossings.

The mayor indicated that works are completed in Zona Dorada, Paseo Olas Altas, Avenida Del Mar and in the downtown area, on Melchor Ocampo Street, where inspection tours were made.

Government official Parra Alaniz considered that the most conflictive area in the center of the city was Melchor Ocampo Street, so that’s where they will begin to relocate vendors.

Street vendors around the Pino Suarez market will also be relocated.

200 street vendors work on the main streets of Mazatlan downtown area, according to information from Oficialía Mayor.



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