CHAOS in the delivery of Mazatlan Carnival tickets.


* Thousands come in search of their tickets on the second day of delivery
* There is no surveillance of any corporation, they ask that the delivery be in the morning

A complete mess, chaos and even fainted people were presented on the second day of free ticket delivery to attend the coronations of the Carnival “We are America” ​​2020.

The people without keeping an order caused chaos, shoves, shouts and even quarrels, as there was no surveillance by agents of Civil Protection, Public Security and Culture.

From 22:00 on Monday, some people began arriving in the parking area of ​​the Plaza del Mar, located on International Highway.

And as the seconds, minutes and hours passed, space began to fill up with people who were looking to get the two tickets that the Municipal Institute of Culture is giving to those who request them, just delivering on ticket per ID

Around 5:00 p.m. there were thousands of people including older adults and even children lining up, regardless of the rain that occurred and some without tasting food.

As the delivery of the tickets began the tempers of the people were increasing, because some of them wanted to cut in line.

But the most risky of the event is that there were no Civil Protection, Public Security and much less Culture personnel that put order to the thousands of attendees.

The metallic berries that were placed were about to collapse, while a person collapsed due to the tumult and thrusts that appeared in the advance of the row.

This Wednesday will be the third day that the free tickets are delivered to the coronations of the queens, the place will be in Plaza Acaya at 5:00 p.m.

It is important that municipal authorities take action on the matter and put an order to this type of events, since they are getting out of order and could see great consequences.

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