Brenster’s Beach Bash Sets New Record Attendance


Brenster and his special guests rocked the house on Tuesday, Feb 11, with a record-breaking number of people attending.

Just before 2 pm, a lineup snaked around Diego’s Beach House, the venue for Brenster’s famous event, despite the cloudy drizzle. Event organizers recorded a smashing number of almost 500 party-goers who still came in flocks to ‘Live For Tuesday’, the tagline of the weekly ritual.

What started out almost 11 years ago as a small concept has now grown into the largest weekly party in all of Mazatlán, receiving international attention. People of all ages and backgrounds come every week to meet new friends, listen to great music, sway in the sand, and just let loose. The bash is famous for being all you can drink, and all you can dance.

Brent Mcathey, the man behind it all, feels completely humbled by how his Beach Bash has now become a ’must-do’ for visitors to do when they’re in town.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to see so many people come together over a shared love of music. Now being able to host such a successful event for over a decade, filled with friends and good memories, it’s literally a dream come true. I only imagined the Beach Bash would grow to the level it has now, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Brent Mcathey
Brent Mcathey from Brensters Beach Bash
Photo Cred: Jan Oster

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Brent was born with music running through his blood. His family claims he could sing before he could talk, which led him through a successful music career for most of his life. Through years of accolades and awards, travels and tribulations later, he’s figured out where and what is important to him – and to his career. Supporting fellow artists and entertaining friends in the city that stole his heart, Mazatlan, Mexico.

Brenster’s Beach Bash has been going strong for the last decade and showing no signs of stopping now. Every year as word of mouth gets around about just how much fun the weekly party is, people not only return, but they bring their friends!

Joan Kennedy, Michael Mcgrady and Brent Mcathey at Brensters Beach Bash
Michael Mcgrady, Joan Kennedy and Brent Mcathey at Brensters Beach Bash

Brent is known for bringing a few of his friends too, like the celebrity surprise guests at yesterday’s show. Actor/singer/artist Michael Mcgrady and Canadian Country Superstar Joan Kennedy both rocked the stage with their unannounced performances, surprising all in attendance.

Brent Mcathey and Michael Mcgrady on stage at Diegos Beach House

Michael McGrady and Brent shared the stage for an impressive cover of Bob Seger’s ‘Turn The Page’, while Joan Kennedy played a fabulous set of her own massive hits like ‘Candle in the Window’, along with some favorite cover tunes, like ‘Wagon Wheel’.

Joan Kennedy performing her award-winning hits

You never know who might grace the stage at the next Beach Bash.

“What a magical day it was yesterday, so many smiling faces, two amazing special guests, and not even a little rain could dampen the mood on what turned out to be the biggest and greatest day on record for Brenster’s Beach Bash in it’s 11 year history at Diego’s. Thank you all so very much, and gracias Mazatlan. So proud to call this Paradise home.”

Brent Mcathey

Can’t get enough of the Brenster? He is hosting a musical charity event at Los Chivos on Stone Island this coming Saturday on Feb 15th at noon. All benefits go to support special needs students on the island. Get more info here.

How to Attend The Next Bash:

Brenster’s Beach Bash runs EVERY Tuesday from May to October from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Reservations are highly suggested. It’s easy to do, just send a quick message to the Brenster’s Beach Bash FB Page and he’ll make sure you are on the list!


  • 340 pesos includes cover charge and all you can drink- beer, shots, blended/mixed drinks ($18 USD)
  • 200 pesos includes cover charge and all you can drink, non-alcoholic ($11 USD)
  • Or 80 pesos, just cover charge ($4.50 USD)

How to get there: Type ‘Diego’s beach house’ into Uber or Google Maps. 
Address: La Florida 100, Sábalo Country, Golden Zone

Written By: Kashlee Kucheran of Travel Off Path

Kashlee Kucheran

The Mazatlan Post