María Paola de la Torre empowers women through bicycling (VIDEO)


MAZATLÁN._ One day she left his home in Quito, Ecuador, without knowing the date of return.

One thing she did know: she would travel the world on her bicycle to rescue the history of those women who are called midwives, one of the oldest trades in history and that seems to have become extinct.

María Paola de la Torre

María Paola de la Torre arrived in Mexico City on September 15, 2019, and thereafter began to tour the first country of her adventure: Mexico. With seven stories of midwives, a Spanish boy she met in Durango and other things on her mind, Maria has traveled hundreds of miles. And on Monday, January 27, she arrived in Mazatlan.

What is the OBJETIVE?

It’s research trip by bike from Mexico to Ushuaia with the purpose of deepen the knowledge of traditional midwifery and female cycles. The main objective is to raise awareness and make visible the life and work of each woman or community visited.

Maria wants to empower more women who want to find a better lifestyle from sports and body awareness. This is how the mentor, María Paola de la Torre, who works as a yoga and doula teacher (accompanies women in the birth process) describes the Bicyclic project.

“It all started about a year ago… The Bicyclic Project, which I was able to launch right at the World Bicycle Forum in April 2019.

The idea is to raise awareness among women of the importance of being empowered to do things, and to continue researching on humanized childbirth and female cycles, ” she explained.


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