2019 closes with more than two million Canadians visiting Mexico


In the past year of 2019, more than two million Canadians visited Mexico, a figure that shows a growth of 7.4%, always compared to the data recorded in 2018.

The Ministry of Tourism, Sectur, of Mexico highlights that 12,828,000 tourists traveled to Mexico from North America, which represents 1.4% more than in 2018; Therefore, the recovery of the United States market at the end of 2019 is also highlighted, after showing a deficit in the first months.

Miguel Torruco Marqués, head of the Sectur, stressed that ‘with the exception of the months of April, May, October and November 2019, when arrivals had growth, in the rest of the months there was a reduction compared to the same month from the previous year but despite the snowfall in January, which caused thousands of flight suspensions, and the decline due to the grounding of the Boeing 737-800 MAX program, this market recovered, reaching an increase of 0.2% ‘ .

Thus, North America continues to lead the growing regions in Mexico, after from 2011 to 2019, 75.9 percentage points grew, with an average annual increase rate of 7.3%.

Precisely the aforementioned region of North America, followed by South America, Central America and the Caribbean (+ 15.8%), Europe (+ 12.4%), Oceania (+ 0.5%) and finally Africa (0.2 %). (Express)

Source: nitu

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