A Tamal has fewer calories than a fruit cocktail


The traditional day of Candelaria is approaching and with it the time of tamales! If you took the doll in the thread of Reyes, surely you are already seeing where to buy the tamales to give free rein to your palate on February 2, but once you read this you can eat a delicious tamale without guilt or fear of That wreaks havoc on the scale.

Believe it or not, the tamale has fewer calories than a fruit cocktail! 

In an exclusive interview for Salud180, Laura Cristina Badillo Galvan, Obesity and Nutrition Specialist, explains that a tamale has fewer calories than a fruit cocktail, as you read it. 

But, don’t worry, do n’t worry or get too excited, it’s not about all tamales, it’s about one that is specific: the corn tamale.

The specialist explains that for every 100 grams of a traditional tamale they are around 150 kilocalories and each average size tamale weighs approximately 300 grams for a total of between 500 and 600 calories!

According to the specialist,  a  fruit cocktail with low glycemic index, only with honey in a standard 200-milliliter glass has about 25 calories; However, a  jumbo cocktail, with kiwi, watermelon, papaya, apple, strawberries and especially red fruits, chocolate chips, honey, nuts, whipped cream has up to 250 calories, because this type of fruit in combination increases its index glycemic and the amount of kilocalories. In the case of fruits, since they are simple sugars, they have to be burned at the moment, otherwise, they more easily become fat. 

On the other hand, a corn tamale has 150 kilocalories per 100 grams, but being smaller, it only weighs on average 100 grams and has less fat, so a corn tamale has fewer calories than a fruit cocktail loaded or jumbo with all the ingredients mentioned above. 

 The secret is not to stop eating, but to know how to do it. 

Source: salud180.com

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