Original MTV reality show Acapulco Shore to be recorded in Mazatlan

The seventh season of the “Acapulco Shore” Reality Show will be totally produced in Mazatlan.

The famous MTV reality announces that it will arrive in “La Perla del Pacífico” to break all records.

MAZATLÁN._ “The seventh season of Acapulco Shore will be recorded in Mazatlan”, so they say on the social networks official accounts of this reality show.

In addition, a new season is confirmed, and the rest of the cast that will make up this edition revealed.

A few weeks ago Mexican media published that Dania and Karime were the first members who were ready to return to the MTV reality, but the names of Mane, Jawy, Tadeo, Talía, Eduardo “El Chile”, and Xavier, come to mind… It’s been said that some “famous” youtubers could join the cast, and in Mazatlan there are several “influencers” with a good number of followers.

After achieving a historical rating in its debut of the sixth season, MTV channel issued a statement to confirm the return of the famous reality show, that this occasion will be recorded in Mazatlan and not in Acapulco, (the program has occasionally moved to the Riviera Maya and Mexico City).

WE HAVE #MTVAcaShore FOR A WHILE! A new season of Acapulco Shore is coming and it’s going to BURN. Prepare for the riot in Mazatlan … VERY SOON Just on MTV!“, Reads at the end of the video featuring Mazatlan.

The sixth season of this reality show got a historic mark for MTV Latin America, as the first episode was ranked as the most watched in the entire history of the Shore franchise, above levels of audience achieved in its premieres for any season of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore and Super Shore, according to Mexican media.

The data of the statement issued by MTV Latin America says, “the seventh season of the show will be recorded completely in Mazatlan, the paradise beach town on the Mexican Pacific coast, popular for its beaches, cuisine and nightlife.”

The 13 episodes of 60 minutes will bring together original members of the famous reality show with new members, although the official list of participants has not been released yet.

Acapulco Shore debuted on MTV screens in 2014 and soon became one of the most watched shows on that channel not only in Mexico, but also in all Latin America.

Due to its popularity, several seasons of this reality have featured famous characters such as Tadeo Fernández, Luis Caballero “Potro”, Talía Eisset, Karime Pindter, Fernando Lozada, Manelyk González “Mane”, Luis Méndez “Jawy”, have become famous Eduardo Miranda “Chile” and Brenda Zambrano.

In addition, it is one of the most successful international editions of the Shore franchise, well above Geordie Shore (Great Britain), Floribama Shore (United States), Gandía Shore (Spain), Super Shore (International), Warsaw Shore (Poland), and the original Jersey Shore (United States).

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