Health authorities carry out epidemiological surveillance operation in Mazatlan

Mazatlan.- The director of health prevention and promotion in Sinaloa, Rafael Félix Espinoza, said that in coordination with Coepriss and the International Health Organization, citizens from foreign countries such as China are being monitored at the port of entry.

“The epidemiological surveillance alert for the new disease called coronavirus is maintained in our country, so the health authorities keep a close watch on international flights and ports to prevent patients from infecting other people.

The Cofepriss and the International Health Organization take medical samples and detect suspicious symptoms. In case of symptoms, the subject will not be allowed to disembark and the corresponding report is made”, said the director of Prevention and Health Promotion in Sinaloa, Rafael Felix Espinoza.

The officer mentioned that this disease could be confused with respiratory diseases such as the common flu or influenza, so he urged citizens to see a doctor in case of any condition.

“The first recommendation is that the patient does not self-medicate, he/she needs to go to the doctor. Influenza has a vaccine, the coronavirus does not have one yet,” he concluded

The Mazatlan Post