Mazatlan Aquarium First edition of 2020, “Knowing my Aquarium”


Together with the educational and social programs ‘Del Campo al Mar’ and ‘My Inclusive Aquarium’, which began in this administration headed by the chemist Benitez Torres, Municipal President of Mazatlan, the paramunicipal has benefited around 1,500 students

Mazatlán_ In compliance with one of the lines of action of the Government of Mazatlan, headed by the chemist Benitez Torres, Municipal President, which is to support the most vulnerable areas of the port, Mazatlan Aquarium began and continues with the educational and character program social ‘Knowing my Aquarium’.

This Thursday was the first edition of the year 2020, with the participation of Miguel Alemán Elementary School.

From the first hours of the day the little ones entered the marine enclosure with the illusion of knowing everything about the species that are protected here and enjoyed a pleasant stay. In addition to receiving personalized attention.

During the welcome ceremony led by the Director, Pablo Rojas Zepeda, the official reiterated the commitment to continue supporting the needy.

“This is a program that began last year at the request of our mayor Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, in order to make access to this center available to all children in all schools in the most vulnerable areas, and that is one of the great purposes that the Mayor has to make them available to everyone, ”he explained.

“Knowing my Aquarium”, is to benefit the schools of the most vulnerable colonies and settlements of the port with admission to the marine institution completely free.

The service provided to them is, round trip transportation to the door of the educational campus, guided tour of the Aquarium, a conference on the species, delivery of kits that include a backpack, t-shirt, cap, water bule, in addition to a snack.

And just as this program is also carried out “Del Campo al Mar”, it is applied in the most vulnerable communities in the southern part of the state, with the plus of a walk through the coastal zone.

Finally, “My Inclusive Aquarium”, is a program specialized in the care of groups of people with disabilities and people of limited resources with cancer or who are going through some severe medical treatment, with all the aforementioned benefits.

Since the beginning of these programs to date, 458 students have benefited.

Some of the beneficiary colonies and communities are: La Sirena, Santa Teresa, Santa Elena, El Castillo, El Roble, El Recreo, Higueras del Conchi, Villa Unión and Barrón.

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