On this Christmas eve if the police stop you, don’t resist the fine is expensive!


Check what the law says about the disobedience and resistance of individuals before an arrest by a police element

Mexico.- Today is a party night that many will live in the warmth of their homes surrounded by their closest relatives, but others will go out to live the celebration on the street with friends.

It is also a night of excesses where the alcohol will run in abundance, and with it drunk driving, speeding, the feelings found and in many cases, unfortunately, family fights

Therefore, if you or yours are suddenly in an awkward situation in which the authority must intervene, before even thinking about escaping, resisting or confronting the police, reconsider and avoid it, since disobedience is paid, and well .

This stipulates the Federal Criminal Code, which in the sixth title on crimes against authority, in chapter I “Disobedience and resistance of individuals”, which also establishes penalties for that reason.

Article 180.- One to two years in prison and a fine of ten to one thousand pesos shall be applied: who, using force, threat or threat, opposes the public authority or its agents exercising any of their functions or resist the fulfillment of a legitimate mandate executed legally.

Article 181.- Resistance will be equated and sanctioned with the same penalty as this, the coercion made to the public authority through physical or moral violence, to force it to execute an official act, without the legal requirements or another that is not in its attributions.

Article 182.- The one who must be examined in court, without taking advantage of the exceptions established by this Code or by the Criminal Procedures, and exhausting his means of urgency, refuses to grant the protest or declare, will pay 10 30 days fine. In case of recidivism, a prison term of one to six months or a fine of 30 to 90 days will be imposed.

Article 183.- When the law authorizes the use of the constraint to make effective the determinations of the authority, the crime of disobedience will only be consummated when the means of enforcement have been exhausted.

So now you know, before you resist, take a deep breath, and ask them to clarify the situation and show you if there is any accusation; If this does not apply, call your lawyer and have them act legally.

Source: linea directa

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