Reported missing Canadian woman found partying in Cabo San Lucas


Canadian tourist disappears during her trip to Cabo San Lucas

The 30-year-old woman arrived in Cabo San Lucas, but since last December 19 communication with her was lost

The afternoon of Sunday, December 22, the disappearance of a foreigner in Cabo San Lucas went viral, which arrived on December 13, however, her relatives lost contact with her since Thursday 19. 

30-year-old Hollie Ranger arrived at the South-California destination with her partner, Neil “N” who returned to Canada the same day she lost contact with the woman of Canadian origin.

Through text messages, the tourist said she would return home by December 24, without providing any other information; On the other hand, the family expressed their concern about their whereabouts, which was spread on social networks. 

So far, the Public Security Directorate of Los Cabos, as well as the Attorney General’s Office, nor the Secretary of State Security have issued any statement in this regard. 

For their part, Internet users from both Baja California Sur, the United States, Mexico and Canada have joined together to spread the case, as well as to obtain information about the hotel where they stayed, the RIU Palace of Cabo San Lucas, and the places they visited 

Relatives of the missing person notified the police 

Canadian is not missing; She stayed in Los Cabos, flirting, and didn’t let his family know

It was reported that the tourist was located; she preferred to stay in Cabo San Lucas with a guy she met from Vancouver. 

“She is with a guy from Vancouver with whom she hooked up. She will be home on Tuesday […] she has texted with 3 of her friends saying that, ”said the then sentimental couple, in one of the search groups organized to find their whereabouts. 

The missing person report was made by family members, who reported that they had lost contact with Hollie Ranger since last December 19; she traveled with her now ex-partner to Cabo San Lucas, however, he returned home alone. 

Meanwhile, Neil “N” who was the woman’s boyfriend, took a flight back to Canada without her company, so he was identified as allegedly responsible for the disappearance of the traveler.   

The news was spread in Mexico, the United States and Canada, which went viral in a matter of hours, making demands towards the authorities of Baja California Sur to support the search. 

Finally, Hollie’s family members confirmed that the tourist’s whereabouts were found, which is why they decided to delete the search publication; She has already contacted her mother, says one of them. 

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