Mexican cook Carmen Miranda be the new chef of Queen Elizabeth II


The winner of MasterChef 2019 informed that she will cook for the monarch of England.

The professional successes do not stop arriving for Carmen Miranda, winner of the reality cooking show MasterChef La Revancha 2019, because now the chef will be responsible for filling the appetite of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

This was reported by the young woman from San Luis Potosí during an interview with Esquire magazine, where she confessed that she will cook for the British monarch at the invitation of Fernando Estobel, who is the queen’s head chef.

“Fernando Estobel, who lives in London and is the queen’s chef, invited me. It’s 2 months, I don’t have much information about how the kitchen works, in fact, they ask for a previous training ”, he revealed to the publication.

Carmen has a long history of cooking in Mexico, the United States, Asia, and France, so being part of the culinary team of Buckingham Palace led by Fernando Estobel will open more doors for future projects in the field of gastronomy.

Source: siglo de torreon

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