VIDEO: Man filmed climbing over $150m Mexico wall with a rope ladder weeks after Trump boasted it was ‘virtually impenetrable


FOOTAGE has emerged of a migrant brazenly climbing over Donald Trump’s new US-Mexico border wall.

It comes just weeks after the US president bragged his wall as “virtually impenetrable” during a trip to the exact same $150million stretch of the barrier in California.

With the will, a rope ladder and a head for heights, it is possible to scale the wallCredit: Twitter
Up and over… the illegal migrant hauls himself over the top into the USACredit: Twitter
He then slides down as if he’s on a fireman’s poleCredit: Twitter

The footage clearly shows three men attempting to scale the 30ft wall using a rope ladder.

The first quickly climbs up and over before effortlessly sliding down one of the vertical poles.

He then sprints a short distance to a second, lower wall which he easily pulls himself over and vanishes.

Within seconds a US Border Patrol truck arrives to investigate.

This was the one that was hardest to climb… this wall can’t be climbed

US President Donald Trump

At this point the others decide to bail, pulling down the rope ladder and making off on the Mexican side.

The clip emerged on social media on Tuesday and is said to show the breach at Otay Mesa, near San Diego.

The barrier was part of a recently approved £114million ($150m), 14-mile section of new fencing.

The metal barriers are 18ft ad 30ft high at various points, and guarded by cameras and motion sensors.

In September Trump visited the same stretch of the wall and told reporters it was “an amazing project” and “virtually impenetrable”.

He boasted: “This wall, you won’t be able to touch it. You can fry an egg on that wall — it’s very very hot.

“So if they’re going to climb it, they need to bring hoses and water and I don’t know where they’re going to hook it up.

“There’s not a lot of water out here.”

President Trump talks with reporters as he tours the same stretch of wall in Otay Mesa, California, in SeptemberCredit: AP
A US Border Patrol truck can be seen arriving on the bottom right and the other migrants decide to fleeCredit: Twitter
He throws a rope ladder down to his accomplice and then slides down on the Mexican sideCredit: Twitter

Mr Trump also claimed mountaineers had tested the wall to prove how hard it was to scale.

He said: “We had 20 mountain climbers. That’s all they do, they love to climb mountains … some of them were champions.

“And we gave them different prototypes of walls, and this was the one that was hardest to climb. This wall can’t be climbed.”

It comes amid reports that nearly 70 percent of people in Mexico were not convinced that Trump’s border wall will do anything to stop illegal migrants from crossing.

In a poll conducted by Mexico City’s Reforma newspaper and co-sponsored by The Dallas Morning News and The Mission Foods Texas-Mexico Center at Southern Methodist University, 68 percent said they did not believe the wall would be effective.

This is despite billions of dollars being earmarked for the initiative – Trump’s key election pledge in 2016.

The initial price tag for the entire wall was thought to be about £9bn ($12bn) with some official estimates ranging as high as £53bn ($70bn).

On November 20, sixteen smugglers were arrested after cutting a truck-sized hole in the US-Mexico border wall to drive dozens of illegal migrants into California.

Border Patrol agents spotted a white truck crossing into the US about 3.45pm after migrants cut a lock on the gate of a nearby home with bolt cutters.

Source: nowthisnews, thesun, twitter, ap

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