AMLO is “socialist” and “bend over” by sending soldiers to the border says Trump


Trump reveals that, with the threat of tariffs, he got Mexico to place soldiers on the border.

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured this Sunday that he managed to “bend over” the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador so that Mexico would place “free” soldiers on the border with the North American country.

Likewise, during a rally in Ohio, the former US president assured that López Obrador is one of the socialists that he likes best. “He’s a socialist, but I like him,” he said.

According to Trump, in 2019 he threatened the Mexican government, in turn, to impose tariffs on imports if it did not place security to stop migration to the United States.

It was during Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard’s visit to the United States in 2019 that Trump asked him for 28,000 free soldiers on the border. 

According to Trump, at first, the foreign secretary refused and asked why they would do that, however, after the threat of tariffs – of which the former US president did not offer further details – Mexico agreed to deploy its armed forces on the border.

“After that (tariff threats) he looked at me and said, ‘Sir, it would be an honor to have 28,000 troops on the border,'” Trump said.

Donald Trump’s statements soon reached the opposition of President López Obrador, since the leader of the National Action Party (PAN) assured that the leader of the Executive put the National Guard as a human wall at the service of the Republicans.

“From the first day we pointed it out, although he denied it, we always said it. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on instructions from Donald Trump, put the National Guard as a human wall at his service,” he wrote on his Twitter account.


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