Mazatlan’s Malecon Ready for Christmas


The Malecon will also become Christmas and the government of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, ordered to put different structures with this motif along the Paseo del Mar.

And while relocating the Christmas Eve flower pots in that area, workers of the municipality already place at least three structures and some of them are in the letters of Mazatlan, there near the Monument to the Family and Valentinos Square. The other in the Monument to the Sea Lions.

Last night was the lighting of Christmas lights in the Municipal Palace and the Plaza de la República, this weekend will be done in the aforementioned structures on the Malecon, which will undoubtedly be liked by locals and tourists.

In recent governments, it must be said, they have not worried about embellishing the Malecon at Christmas time.

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The Mazatlan Post