Gender reconversion therapies illegal in Jalisco offenders face Jail


Jalisco Congress approved reforms to avoid the imposition of gender identity

Deputies of the Constitutional Points Commission of the Jalisco Congress approved reforms to the State Criminal Code to punish those who finance, promote or impart therapies that seek to modify the sexual orientation of some person against his will.

“The intention is to eradicate these types of therapies in Jalisco, penalizing them criminally, with one to three years’ imprisonment and in the case of minors, the penalty can be increased by a third,” said the Citizen Movement legislator, Salvador Caro, promoter of the initiative.

He added that these reforms were the express request of the LGBTTTI community and the design of the initiative took into account the testimony of people who were forced by their families to take therapies “with adverse effects for their stability and personal integrity.”

He explained that one of The effects are depression, suicide, and loss of time for them to have full development of their personality, argued the legislator.

The initiative passed in the first reading and its viability will be analyzed to be approved by all the deputies in Congress, although the two PAN deputies in the commission voted against the initiative.

It was also approved to punish with a penalty of 20 to 40 years in jail the “hate crimes” and typify them as qualified homicide if the homicide was motivated by their sexual preference, religious creed, ideology or ethnic origin.

Resultado de imagen para Cárcel a quien imparta terapias de reconversión sexual

The same Commission approved reforms to the Jalisco Civil Code so that people who have experienced sexual reassignment, can receive a new birth certificate in the state and no longer have to travel to Mexico City to complete the process.

According to Fascinación Jiménez, from Unión Diversa Jalisco, since 2015, this group that fights for the rights of the LGBT community has made the legal support of at least 450 trans people seeking to change their identity, although the INE reported 570 people who have requested an update of their voter card.

On Tuesday, November 26, the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice declared unconstitutional the trials in Guanajuato and Chihuahua of legal recognition of the gender identity of trans persons, with effects throughout the country.

The resolution contributes to not having to make judgments to achieve the change of identity and now remains as an administrative procedure. The result will be obtained in any way, that goes up to the plenary and vote or by the decision of the Supreme Court, he said.

“We sent an official letter to the director of the Civil Registry to notify this situation to the 125 municipalities of Jalisco and make a gender identity law,” said the activist, who considered that not passing the initiative to the full Congress of Jalisco, will have the initiative frozen indefinitely and will only be a media issue.

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