There are hundreds of thousands of cigarette butts thrown on beaches of Sinaloa


This situation worries the environmental authorities because, in addition to the cigarette butts, tons of garbage has been collected

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  So far this year the Operator and Administrator have been responsible for creating awareness with their participation in eighteen days of beach cleaning, hand in hand with civil society and companies, concerned with the environment, Rogelio reported Osuna olives.

The director of the Operator and Administrator of Beaches of Mazatlan said he is concerned about the number of cigarette butts collected in manual cleaning since the records point to more than one hundred thousand pieces, plus about ten tons of garbage.

“In the last count we were talking about more than one hundred thousand cigarette butts, only in what are manual cleanings, we are talking about more than ten tons of garbage, only in what we have collected, straws is what we have really seen a very strong decrease ”.

Olivas Osuna made reference that the article that is in decline are the straws, thanks to the fact that some shops, restaurants and the same society, have become aware of avoiding their use or have replaced them with those of degradable materials; although the problem persists especially in the area of ​​coconut merchants.

He added that apparently society is becoming increasingly aware of the use of plastics, as well as avoiding leaving the waste with which they go to the beaches, however, there are continuous work to increase the culture of cleaning, especially for smokers not to throw cigarette butts in the sand.

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