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Tenants of the Organic Market of Mazatlan, against plastic bags

80 percent of market consumers are American and Canadian tourism

Instalan en Mazatlán mercado orgánico(EL DEBATE)

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Reducing the use of plastic by 80 percent, is what the Mazatlan Organic Market is looking for, after its 9th edition is inaugurated, which will conclude in mid-April next year.

Ángel Ceballos, deputy manager of the commercial premises, commented, to reach the goal in this decrease, they have bags for sale in materials such as pellón, which replaces those normally sold by vendors each time they register a consumption.

“We want to support the reduction of the use of plastic so as not to end the planet, so the market has to be a complete concept, when producing and selling organic food, as well as taking care of the environment.

He recalled, an organic or organic market, does not use pesticides or fertilizers for the production and care of plants and products in the region

The Organic Market of Mazatlan (MOM), he said, is made up of 31 stores, among which the commercialization of the State of Durango, which sells milk, eggs, meat, fruits, vegetables, among others.


November-April, every Saturday 8am to Noon in Zaragoza Park (corner of Zaragoza & 5 de Mayo streets, Centro Historico).

MOM features locally grown, farm-direct (no middlemen) produce, dairy products, meats, cheeses, eggs, fruits, herbs, flowers & more.

We invite you to an event of and for the Mazatleca community, held on a weekly basis from November-April, in which LOCAL, ORGANIC and PESTICIDE FREE products will be offered. The products will be offered to the consumer directly from the supplier’s hands, without the use of intermediaries. This event is aimed at any local or foreign person, as well as chefs and restaurant owners who are interested in finding healthy and fresh produce, chicken, milk, cheese, yogurt, dried fruit and more.If you are interested in selling or you are a restaurant and want to buy fresh organically grown produce, write to: mazmercadoorganico@hotmail.com

Source: el sol de mazatlan, el debate

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