Mexican ophthalmologist accused of organ trafficking, he allegedly smuggled corneas to the USA


Trafficking with human organs and making huge profits with this dehumanized racket is the accusation against an ophthalmologist, identified as David “N” who was detained last Monday NOv, 11th, at about 9:30 AM, in the city of Mexicali, Baja California.

The man arrested and taken away by a three SUV´s convoy. He started shouting that he was being kidnapped but local authorities said he had been arrested by federal law enforcers.

However, no more details have been released on the detention.

The alleged cornea trafficker was arrested on the corner of Reforma Avenue and “E” street, in Colonia Nueva, Mexicali, when he was approached by federal agents, he started shouting and passersby thought it was a kidnapping attempt, anyway he was taken away by the federal agents and his wwhereabouts are unknown so far.

Local Mexicali law enforcement authorities made a statement later on that day, saying that the ophthalmologist was accused of organ trafficking, as he has been allegedly smuggling corneas to the USA.

by Alfredo Azcárate (Editor in Chief The Baja Post)