Protesters block Mexico Hwy 15 at El Carrizo Sinaloa


Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- They demand that the Multigranos company pay their crops, this morning, corn and wheat producers from Valle del Fuerte and Valle del Carrizo took the Mexico 15 highway at El Carrizo.

Producers block Mexico 15 at El Carrizo (ELDEBATE)

They state that thousands of tons are owed to them by Multigranos, and that due to the breach of this company, they were in need of preventing vehicular traffic.

Producers block Mexico 15 at El Carrizo (ELDEBATE)

The leader of the 17th Campesino Committee of the Carrizo Valley, Aristeo Verdugo Escalante, said that the company has failed to comply three times and that is why they are taking the road for both lanes for one hour.

Producers block Mexico 15 at El Carrizo (ELDEBATE)

He explained that there are 35 thousand tons of corn and 25 thousand tons of wheat that are owed to them.

It was for 45 minutes that the blockade lasted so that the federal authorities notice them, tomorrow they will take the road again from 10:00 to 11:00 hours and plan to do so for up to two hours.

Source: el debate

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