Armed commando assaults hotel in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur


The thieves took the belongings of the guards but failed to enter the hotel rooms

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). The dawn of this Friday, an armed command assaulted the Paradisus hotel, in Los Cabos where 10 guards were subjected and stripped of their cell phones, wallets, among other valuables; They tried to enter the hotel management office but decided to escape.

The crime occurred at the edge of 02:53, when a group of 6 criminals carrying long and short weapons arrived at the hotel, making it possible to circumvent the security booth because they threatened the manager and took him to the interior of the hotel, where he was forced to call the staff.

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After the assault, the elements of the tourist police went to the hotel although they failed to stop the thieves, since they had already fled, after detecting that the employees of the next shift began to arrive.

It should be noted that the crime was reported by the shift manager Julio Vargas, who commented that 10 employees were victims of theft and threats by the armed commando, who were in 2 vehicles and fled for towards the federal highway, to the port of Cabo San Lucas.

Finally, the manager assured that the criminals failed to enter the guest rooms, which is why only the guards and employees suffered this assault.

Hotel Association of Los Cabos denies assault on a hotel by armed commandos

She points out that they stole belongings from two security agents who were in the hotel security booth

Lilcí Orcí, executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, commented that an incident occurred at the dawn of this Friday at one of the hotels located by the tourist corridor of the destination, in which he said It is important to note that no tourist and no collaborator was affected or injured.

It was mentioned by some media that it was an armed commando; “It is important to clarify that it was not so, the only thing that happened was a robbery of two security guards who were in the security booth of the hotel that is located by the CSL-SJC corridor, without major affectations more than the robbery of their belongings”.

I clarify that the attackers did not pass the security booth, but the most important thing is that the authorities are already making the corresponding inquiries.

Punctuated Orcí Fregoso that, in Los Cabos, the safety of visitors and the community is a priority, “as you know The Hotel Association of Los Cabos, has a robust protocol plan to ensure the tranquility of visitors and residents, in this plan are the work tables with which we participate every two weeks with the three levels of government and private initiative, the security committee itself ”.

Lilcy Orci, executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association

I also detail that, there are communication channels to respond quickly to any type of incident and it is a constant communication where the private initiative players and the three levels of government are incorporated, all working together for the well-being of Los Cabos, “And so it will continue,” said the Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association at the conclusion.


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