Mezcal is the perfect alcohol for human consumption


Mezcal, like tequila, were considered as ordinary alcohols; and after some studies, they are now considered the best

Of all the liquors and alcohols that exist in the world, the most perfect for human consumption are the Mexican mezcal.

This is because it is the most perfect alcohol in the world, as Sergio Inurrigarro, president of the Mezcal Pro Culture Association and Mezcal Ambassador to the world pointed out.

Inurrigarro indicated that both mezcal and tequila were considered as common alcohols; However, there is an institute in Chicago, Illinois, which is dedicated to conducting organoleptic scientific and sensory studies on beers, wines and higher alcohols, which concluded that it is the purest in the world.

He explained that alcohols are monosaccharides that the liver has to break, that is, to make a process to transform and remove it; hence the effect known as “raw” they cause.

Mezcal comes from polysaccharides that at the time of touching the mouth begin to unfold and the transformation of alcohol in the body is faster than any other. He recalled that the ancient Mexicans ate agave even before corn.

“We are one of the pivotal nations in the world and consider our second class products. Mezcal’s main consumer is the United States, followed by Russia, Chile, Australia, and Germany. ”

Source: argumento politico, periodicocorreo

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