Closure of streets in Mazatlan “affects” tour operators


The lack of coordination of the City Council affects the work of tour operators

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- The constant closing of streets and the lack of communication on the part of the City Council of Mazatlan, affects the providers of tourist services that provide guided tours of the city on board vehicles.

The tour operator, Rodrigo Rodríguez Peralta, said that on the tour of an hour and a half to get to know the city there is an old conflict, which is the lack of communication due to the closure of streets in different areas of the city.

He said that in the application of the municipal government does not appear the closure of all streets, and that hurts as a tourist destination since they have to improvise taking alternate streets to be able to provide the service.

It is not a problem of an administration, but it is a problem of communication of the whole city, because the problem we have all the transport, because we enter a street of the Historic Center and we can no longer leave when they close an avenue or it is not reported in anticipated streets, so that the truck or urban transport does not get in and have that traffic problem, which causes us a bad image as a destination

Rodriguez Peralta

Rodríguez Peralta admitted that the poor state of the streets is lived all the time with the rainy season, and it is positive that they attend to it, just last week they finished the rehabilitation of Benito Juárez Street, and that many more are missing, but here The important thing is communication.

He stressed that the seven routes that they like the most is the Malecon, the natural, freshness and folklore of the Mazatlecos remains one of the biggest impacts for tourists visiting this holiday destination.


For this winter season, good expectations are maintained in city tours, since by the end of the year an almost 100% hotel occupation is expected, they also look for new tours adapted to the current needs of the market and destination.

Source: el sol de maztlan

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